The legend of Luigi

It’s called Luigi Russo, but in the country they call all amicably, Gino.

You will be asked, therefore, the immediate convocation of the Permanent table for consultation already officially formed a few months ago and wanted to Train Riverboat by the Mayor as chairman. Of that table for consultation is also part of their Unimpressed Bat believes that it must act outside of any political or partisan logic that can manipulate a subject so important and vital at a time when local businesses are preparing to close Bat provincial budgets end of the year and it is estimated that over 27% of them will close permanently by next December 31st with the disposal of thousands of other jobs that will feed the tens of thousands of couch covers over the past five years this province has seen vanish in nothing without the possibility of reinstatement or conversion with loss of professionalism and even exponential increase in the use of submerged and potential increase in crime, micro and macro.


If all this does not interest opportunists and careerists – they know from Unimpressed Bat – for us, things are different and how well did the CNA are confident that other unions will join the cry of small businesses, disappointed, they decided also to sell their subscriptions to historical representations not glimpsing forms of sure fit protection that give good results or not seeing them anymore. We are certain – say by the Association of Category – that the President Michele De Marinas and with other colleagues of goodwill we will be able not only to affect the weaknesses of this resolution but also to deepen certain conditions that destroy the general interest of categories as well as all the tools to be implemented to recover the enormous resources that are yet to be recovered and represent its element of tax relief but also of ordinary tools of cutting tariffs in a time of ongoing crisis in the sector.

The press note of the Association then ends with these words: I know that this may seem anti-political and but we do politics and propaganda does not matter anything. Di Puglia, mayor allocates allowances for social activities

55 years old and lives with his wife and two children in di Puglia, in the province of Foggia, where a few months ago he was elected Mayor.

Since then divides his days between intense work in Foggia, at the ASL, and the Municipality of small and graceful of the Sub daimio, country orange flag Touring Club, known as the “Loggia of Puglia”.

Passionate lover of the traditions and history of the local, Gino Russo few months ago, during the election campaign that saw him driving a Civic born within a movement of young people, it was dismissed by the electorate of his country with realize the promise of an administrative program meant for projects, but also of changes and new features.


Torremaggiore: A show in the name of Mirko

To tell the spectacle of charity which was held last Saturday in Torremaggiore, we can only do so with the words of the mother of Mirko, born in Torremaggiore June 16, 1996 and then passed away due to a rare disease March 2, 2000.

Since then, the mother and father of Mirko struggle to get and give answers to those who are fighting the same disease, terrible and implacable, Pearson syndrome.

Here’s what he says on the website of the association’s mom Mirko:

“My little Mirko Valerio Emmanuelle was born in Torremaggiore (Fig) on 06/16/1996. Already in the first days of life showed no signs of discomfort, revealed by anemia. And this is how it started our ordeal, our wanderings in various hospitals: San Severe, Naples, etc., coming in at the end “Gasoline” of Genoa, where he was diagnosed with the black and decker lht2220 that plagued our little one.


Mirko was suffering from a very rare syndrome called PEARSON. Pearson syndrome, affects the mitochondria of cells. It ‘a very rare disease with poor prognosis and evolution, not recognized by the state and therefore not taken into account by the official investigation. I mom and her dad, in all the ways we have tried to make him live a life almost “normal”.

We fought with all our might, but the disease was stronger, too devastating, there was always. It appeared first as anemia, was transfused and then had to take Deferral to lower ferritin.  Weakened immune system for a few, was struck by multiple illnesses such as pneumonia caused by CYTOMEGALOVIRUS, had breathing problems due to lack of lht2220…….la fight was continued and we as “soldiers,” the to take on the “” so called by us to play down: was a mixture of carbohydrates, potassium, etc. ……. in the end he also endured dialysis for kidney failure.
We have documented, we improvised researchers, we hoped for a miracle.
March 2, 2000, insesorabile, the day has come more devastating: Mirko had flown in the sky.
All ……………… ended.
Everything began again.